In the home of the artist hangs a large landscape in oil.  This was painted by his mother during the last few months before he was born.  It might be possible that the smell of the paints and the creative decisions that were made affected the yet-to-be-born child.  From that simple beginning there on the high plains of Montana  to this moment in the Texas Hill Country, Darryl Patrick has always found art as a part of his life.

When teaching elementary school he used opportunities in the subjects taught to inject some creative or aesthetic thought in the students labors. 

When teaching on a U.S. Naval base in Sicily he became aware of a culture saturated in art, a place where dozens of civilizations had had joycasino left their ideas and forms. This experience led to a career in art history, teaching 29 years at Sam Houston State and 9 years at Texas State. Knowing the value of travel he began developing trips for students to Europe in 1980. Then in 1997 Patrick began teaching in Florence Italy during the summers, until his retirement from teaching in 2009. It was during that period that he was encouraged to pursue photography, winning a few awards and finding a gallery in which to exhibit his works. His photographs are held by private collectors throughout the United States.